Friday, November 18, 2011

Push for Seattle Plastic Bag Ban

The Seattle Times reported today on a push for Seattle City Council to ban single use plastics bags. Full story.

Yesterday, Julie Masura, a faculty member at the University of Washington Tacoma's Center for Urban Waters, spoke at a press conference overlooking Puget Sound. She has been doing research on plastics in the Sound. Her work discovered small pieces of plastic in every water sample taken in Puget Sound.

Environment Washington featured her research in a new report, Keeping Plastic Out of Puget Sound: Why Washington should Join the Global Movement to Reduce Plastic Bag Pollution.

In Seattle, consumers use 292 million plastic bags every year. It's time for Seattle to join Portland, Bellingham, China and numerous other cities, counties and countries who have banned the bag.

Contact Seattle City Council and ask them to BAN THE BAG.

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