Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Neah Bay Tug

Washington residents and ocean lovers -- your beaches, sound, and ocean needs you on Wednesday February 11th at 3:30PM.

This session a new proposal is on the table for funding the Neah Bay rescue tug – SB 5344 sponsored by Surfrider Foundation’s ocean champion, Kevin Ranker. The Neah Bay tug is our best defense against small to catastrophic oil spills in the Strait and on the outer coast. This bill places financial responsibility for funding the tug on shipping and tanker vessels traveling through the Straits – the very ships that present the risk of a spill. Thanks to our efforts over the past few years, we do not need to convince the legislature that the tug is a priority; we just need to help them understand that this proposed funding mechanism is both smart and fair.

Wednesday, February 11th this bill will go before the Senate Environment, Water, and Energy Committee. We need to fill the hearing room with supporters to demonstrate that the legislature must pass this bill.


WHAT: Senate Environment, Water, and Energy Committee hearing on the Rescue Tug (SB 5344) sponsored by Surfrider Foundation ocean champion, Senator Kevin Ranker

WHERE: J.A. Cherberg Bldg. on Olympia’s capitol campus, Hearing Room 4

WHEN: Wednesday, February 11 at 3:30PM.

Questions, contact Shannon Serrano 253-905-3478, sserrano(at)surfrider.org or Jody Kennedy 206-940-6509, jkennedy(at)surfrider.org.

Photo: Kathy Greer, a tanker passes by the popular beaches at Westport.