Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VOTE! Yes on R-52, No on I-1053 and I-1107

Our ocean and coasts need you to VOTE! So get that ballot in the mail by Tues.

And please, vote YES on Referendum 52 and NO on Initiatives 1053 and 1107.

A YES on R-52 is a win-win for our kids, our environment, and economy! R-52 will repair our aging schools, help save energy and reduce global warming pollution, and put people to work.

A NO on I-1053 allows the legislature to use a majority vote for tax increases and new taxes to raise funds to clean up runoff pollution.

A NO on I-1107 keeps in place a temporary sales tax on soda, bottled water and candy, some of which funds support environmental programs.

Get Out The Vote. If you live in Seattle or vicinity join a phone bank this week: Wednesday, and Thursday and next Monday (11/1) from 5:30-8:30 pm at WEC/WCV offices, 1402 Third Ave Suite 1400. Pizza, snacks and beverages served for the volunteers!

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