Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Erosion along South Coast shores worsens with storms

Following the first of this months severe storms, the South Beach Bulletin, Westport's local paper, featured photos of the erosion damage. These included one of a enormous sinkhole that devastated the trailer park behind the Islander. Another showed Westhaven Drive under water and another featured the dramatic shoreline of Washaway Beach, where a house is very close to sliding off the bluff. Erosion is inevitable along Washington's weather worn shores. However, how governments, developers and coastal communities chose to respond and prepare for erosion is a significant question. And, will they act proactively in light of more severe storm conditions predicted with climate change? Surfrider Foundation is going to push Westport and other coastal communities in Grays Harbor County to tackle these questions at a workshop this February. For details and outcomes, check out Kathy Greer's blog: surfriderwashingtonoutercoast.blogspot.com

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