Friday, November 14, 2008

Act NOW on behalf of Puget Sound

Washington's action agenda for restoring Puget Sound to health by 2020 is out. Public comments, YOUR COMMENTS, are needed to make sure the agenda will accomplish its goal. To send comments fast from Surfrider Foundation’s website:

While Puget Sound may look beautiful and vibrant on the surface, the quality of the water, the condition of the shorelines, and the health of marine species are in serious peril. Just this month, researchers confirmed that seven orcas, 10% of the Puget Sound population, are missing and believed to be dead. Toxins in the food web and diminished salmon populations are largely to blame. Another underlying cause is us. Our actions, our inactions, our lack of awareness, our failure to hold governments and industry accountable -- we play a large role. This is our Puget Sound, it is our backyard and if we care about its future, we need to step up and help. There are so many easy things that we can do to make a difference, starting with sending comments on the Puget Sound Action Agenda.

Send comments to the Puget Sound Partnership right now by going to Surfrider Foundation's action alert or by going to the Puget Sound Partnership’s website: The comment period ends Thursday, November 20th.

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